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processing emotions

just discovered this saved draft when i went to post today.  oops.

this is from a post i read on fb about processing emotions.   i'm copying it here since i think not everyone will be able to read it on fb, plus this way i will be able to find it again when i need it.  and i will.

often it seems like running from our emotions can be the main business of being a human. this note explains why processing our emotions is so important, and also how to do it.

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additional good thing - i just signed up for this little gift exchange thingy.  seems pretty low-key, which is the proper speed for me, lol.  perhaps you would like to join us?

Originally posted by shadowycat at hp_halloween is back! We'd love to have you be a part of the fun!
hp_halloween is a quick Halloween themed double drabble fest. You write 200 words for someone, and someone else writes 200 words for you. Sign-ups are Here on LJ and Here on IJ and will remain open until October 11th. Posting happens on October 31. Won't you come and join us? :D
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dark and stormy night

writing challenge completed for september

i know i have other things i mean to write about here, and i'm too tired to remember what they are at the moment, but i'm here now because it is september 30th, and i have succeeded in my writing challenge for the entire month of september.  that means i've written a minimum of half an hour every day this month.  on all but one of those days, i made my 500 word goal.

posting my entire month under the cut for my own edification, lol.

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grand total for the month:  20,375.

a friend pointed out this quote to me: A day when I write is a happy day. A day when I don't write is less happy. This is not discipline-- it is affection, enthusiasm, adventure.

i hope i remember that the next time my devotion flags, lol.
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i know i've thought of a bunch of things i've wanted to post at various times over the past few days, but the only thing i can think of right now to say is that i've been continuing my writing streak, writing for at least half an hour every day, for 20 days now, and i've written 500+ words on every day except one, when i got home late and i was just too tired.  but still, i wrote 300+ words that day.  and i am extremely close to being finished with the first draft of my long-languishing ss/hg wip.  i'm so excited about that.  i've actually written the ending now; i just need to go back and check wherever there is a @@@ and see if there are still missing scenes or if it's ready for the revision process.  i'm quite excited about this.  it's 70,000+ words, which makes it the longest thing i've written.  very excited.  :D

so i had read half of that book 'write fearlessly' and reached the part where he talked about fear of finishing, and that is what kicked my butt into gear to finish this thing.  well, then i quit reading the book for some reason, but i picked it up again the other day, and actually, it was a better time for me to read the next part now that i'm writing again, so maybe that's why i quit for a bit, lol.  it's an awesome book, and now i really want the other one of his that logospilgrim recommended, writing in overdrive.  it's on my amazon list now, just need to wait until i can spend some money on books again, lol.

and in a fit of insanity, i believe i've decided to sign up for nanowrimo this year.  i probably won't play to win it, but that last time i did it, it did keep me writing every day, even if the word count is pretty ambitious given the amount of time i have to write each day. i'm thinking i might aim for 1000 words a day and see how that goes.  it feels awesome to be writing again, even though i have no idea how the words are, let alone the story, lol.  thank goodness nobody has to see it until i do a rewrite.  ;)

and that's it for me tonight.  i hope you are well.

oh, also, the heat finally has broken here, thank heavens.  today i was walking outside at around 4pm and it was lovely, and there was a breeze.  *happy sighs*
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The Fun Starts Tomorrow!!

signal boosting in case anyone out there hasn't already seen this.  go leave your fascinating snape-centric prompts!

Originally posted by teddyradiator at The Fun Starts Tomorrow!!
Because that's when severus_fest begins taking prompts. This Snape-centric comm is tailor made for anyone who loves our dear Potions Master. All forms of fic, art, craft, EVERYTHING, is your choice to create! Please go over and check it out - it's brand spanking new, and ready to promote some Snape-love!

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something good

so i got a pleasant surprise - a new review on ashwinder for my story in the restricted section.  stormdragonfly liked my story so much she gave it a little rec and made me a banner!  my favorite part is that this story was for the free of commas challenge on tpp, and she appreciates how well i accomplished that challenge.  *beams*  so yeah, this just made my day.

in the restricted section by stormdragonfly

and it doesn't hurt that dark, brooking snape is dark and brooding.
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on a more positive note ...

today marks a significant one-year anniversary for me.  that's right, one year ago on april 1st, i started the 30 day green smoothie challenge and the rest is history.  since then, i have started nearly every single day with a green smoothie.  there have been a few days when i didn't have time to have the smoothie before i left the house in the morning, so i had it in the evening instead.  there have only been two, or possibly three days when i have not had one at all.  there've also been days when i had several, lol, so in the end, i'm certain i've had well over 365 green smoothies in the past 365 days.

to celebrate, here are three delicious recipes under the cut.

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to be honest, it's not only about the smoothies, although that's significant.  it's also that i picked a positive thing that i wanted to do and i've managed to fully integrate it into my life.  it's useful to have something to point to to show myself that i can do this, lol.
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call for stories for elm books

Elm Books proudly presents Gen-E Books: children's books for a diverse America. Help all our children by writing and publishing what they want to read.

We are looking for short stories (1000-5000 words) about kids of color that will grab readers' attentions--mysteries, adventures, humor, suspense, set in the present, near past or near future that reflect the realities and the hopes of life in diverse communities including African American, Latino, Native American, Asian, urban, rural and international. Stories should be aimed at a middle grade audience (2nd to 6th grades) and written in clear, straight forward prose. Black and white line illustrations welcome, no color illustrations. No sex, graphic violence, explicit drug use or slavery. Collection to be edited by Lee Mullins and Jess Faraday.

We are also looking for middle grade novels, 20,000-50,000 words.

If interested, contact

"Books will be judged by the nature of their content and the color of their characters."