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follow your art

wherever it leads is the right direction

20 July 1960
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i came to the world of hp fanfic after the ignominious death of severus snape by snakebite in dh. grrrr.

it's all about snape for me - well, maybe not completely, i do have a bit of a thing for lupin - but mostly it's snape. my favorite ships: ss/rl, ss/hg, ss/le. i am less interested in pairings that got their happy endings at the hands of jkr. everything i've written is archived at The Petulant Poetess, and i also archive at OWL and at Sycophant Hex at Ashwinder, Occlumency, and Eros & Sappho. so far, anyway.

writing hp fanfic reminds me how much better life is when i remember to let my creativity out to play on a regular basis. and beta reading reminds me how much i love words and how much i enjoy helping people polish their writing.

as for the personal stuff, i'm on the far side of 40. sometimes i link to adult content, so be warned and keep out if you are too young for such things. i try to keep my heart and mind as open as possible at all times, with varying degrees of success. i laugh when i can, and cry when i must, and love life to the best of my ability in any given moment. my dislikes include narrow-minded people, bigots, and hypocrites.

i'm excited about my new undertaking as an energy healer, specifically theta healing and reiki, as well as teaching laughter yoga. at the moment, i'm still offering free theta healing sessions, which can be done long distance. if you are interested in finding out more, here is my website: https://sites.google.com/site/loveisouressence/

fyi, i tend to be timid about friending people, but i'm quick to friend back if i know who you are. if you think i might not know who you are, then leave a comment letting me know why you are interested in being friends and i'll likely friend back. also, on the advice of someone somewhere i am letting everyone know that if you want to do podfic or art based on any of my writings, please feel free, just let me know and link me to the final product. (because apparently there are people who find such things upsetting instead of incredibly flattering, lol.)

snupin_ldws_banner_runner-up, i came in second in the snupin ldws competition on lj.



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OoM 2nd class OoM 3rd


my story Moonlight & Madness was featured at Eros & Sappho.

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my first story was nominated for an award.

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